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5-Mar-2002 Kevin Bowers I really liked the site. As I have also recently gained my PPL it was very interesting to see your experience of flying to Elstree and Le Touquet. I have also made these trips but from Tatenhill, near Derby.

Ireland is also one I am planning when the weather gets a little better. I was very impressed by the photos.

Happy landings,

6-Mar-2002 Rob Poole Hello, I liked the site very much. I too, hope to head over to the Emerald Isle, but feel it would be prudent to get an IMC rating under my belt first!
Regards, Rob
11-Mar-2002 adrian just begun ppl training and enjoyed your site, gave me yet more inspiration to get there !!
11-Mar-2002 Johno Dave,
nice site son... Maybe coming on a flight with you guys soon, found my passport.
Lets get the beers in soon!!!!
14-Mar-2002 Tim Used to be at Biggin Bet your Dubbers flight is not as good as the Biggin Boys Cork Trip. But have fun and dont bend over when Phils near.Regards to all the rft chaps esp Ben Jen and Stu. Fly High and you only have too much fuel when you are on fire.
21-Mar-2002 Graham Wheeler Pretty impressive. I like the use of the photos intermingled with the description of your flights. I will look up the homepage again in the near future and you may by then have added a few more adventures. Great reading and I enjoyed it very much.
6-Apr-2002 Dave Driver Great trip reports. You have a picture of my plane on your Elstree Farewell picture - only a dot on the ground but definitely mine.
3-May-2002 Danny Like the site, especially the confuser photo :-)
Happy flying.
25-May-2002 Mike Pugh Well done David an interesting and well laid out website.
5-Jun-2002 Anthony Greaves Hi David,
Flew on Go flight GO213 from Bristol to Belfast Int last Friday... not in the same league as you!

Must meet up for a pint soon.
22-Oct-2002 Side Slip (Flaps not extended) Good site David. Your aeroplane "Echo Papa" looks great. Can't be many of those graceful old girls around. Maybe Flyer should check it out in the magazine. Could make interesting reading alongside the Latest Skyhawk.
4-Dec-2002 Martin Mansfield. Hi,
Im in a group based at Biggin hill flying a Cessna 172, done most of your trips but would like to do Ireland trip.
Nice site informative.

27-Jan-2003 Antony Collis Hi I've just found a photo of myself on your web-site. In the Leicester photo bottom left! I came to the fly in in G-BBMB with Pete Middleton the pilot(Bottom second left)and Rob Aires (top Left)You have compiled a nice site and I hope to see you around in 2003- bye.
18-Feb-2003 Rob Sawyer Nice photos of the famous Le Touquet. Now visit mine at!

Best wishes

Rob Sawyer
18-Feb-2003 James Martin Great website!
Thanks for all your thoughts and photos up here.
Hope to complete my PPL and head to Le Touquet and Ireland this year too.
18-Feb-2003 Neil Bordessa Well laid out site, great photos with interesting stories to go with them.
Will have my site up and running soon.
Here's hoping for blue skies!!!
23-Feb-2003 Stuart Mc Bride Great photos. I was training at Weston but never finished, now I'm feeling inspired to go back!
15-Mar-2003 Dave McCall Think the site is excellent, I have just been given a surprise 50th present of my PPL course and can't wait to start. Would be interested in knowing how long it took to get across the Irish sea
15-Mar-2003 Rudy Preus I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at
18-Mar-2003 Duncan Woods David - Like the site - I did my PPL in 1999 and fly to LE2K most weekends. I have a site at see what you think.
19-Mar-2003 Lori Dave, having heard about the site had to visit it!!! and am most impressed! very professional especially to a non PPL like myself! It is excellent!Well done! :)
11-Apr-2003 Neil Armstrong (No, not THE!) Dave, Super site. Frequently updated unlike a lot of PPL websites! I nearly freaked out when I saw your reference to the infamous pink "sex" cup at Stapleford. I was also a victim of that cup a few weeks ago!
All the best,
17-Apr-2003 Chris de Beer Thanks for a great site. Really enjoyed reading all your travel stories. Here's one of mine.

All the best

30-Apr-2003 Darren Great site, particularly liked the Le Touquet trip account, I've driven there before and am not far from getting my PPL to get there the fast way! Keep it up! Darren
25-May-2003 Mary Dixon I'm impressed....very nice.
1-Jun-2003 Keith Leng Very nice site. I especially liked the flying costs section. It's comprehensive and well laid out. Useful both for people about to take the PPL plunge and also for qualified pilots considering group ownership.
3-Jun-2003 jules whiteway Very in formative, in particular the section on group ownership costs. i am in a group and am finding it difficult getting a handle on all the work that needs to be done , we have three aircraft and 20 members, this has helped a great deal. many thanks
14-Jun-2003 Chris C Excellent site - especially as inspiration to new boys. I am around PPL training Hour 20 so with air to air refuelling and a transporter room (for instructors and examiners to beam in and out) in theory I could be qualified by this time tomorrow. Maybe not then but I do like the mix of practical detail and your obvious enjoyment. Do you really have time to fly as well? Chris
22-Jun-2003 Rob Fox Having got my PPL in the early 90's (G-BNTP, C172 Skyhawk at Manchester Barton), I really enjoyed your site.

Great to see a C172 of such pedigree and obviously in ace condition.

I'll be back to visit in future.
23-Jul-2003 Lee Shearson Nice one ladds.. Sounds like amd looks like the trip to Ireland was a right ole laugh.... I havent got a PPL nor am I training to get one but after reading your logg im itching to get one... ;) If your ever flying over hertfordshire, look down and give uz a down there somewhere... cheers for the insight it was great
4-Aug-2003 Andrew Bowers I really enjoyed the site as I am currently enjoying the joys of a PA-18-150 tail-dragger at clacton aero-club,cross-country trips currently involve trying to search for the proverbial 'needle in a haystack' farm strip which is a piece of piss next to negotiating the local livestock! I have only visited one of your destinations,namely Headcorn(or lashenden to give it it's correct title)and must add that the approach to the UNLICENCED strip from the SW involves passing some 150-200'(QFE)over a local ostrich farm with a flock(or is the collective noun herd?Answers on a postcard please!)of some 25-40 birds which in the event of an undershoot landing due to a base leg engine failure might turn nasty.....jealousy?!! They are in a flat paddock some 150 x 250 metres in size and make quite a sight!Enjoy! Anyway,off to start IMC in C152 next week,loved the site and Happy Landings! Andy(41,from Frinton-on-sea,Essex)ps.We don't have any 'Sex' mugs at Clacton,they're a common lot in Stapleford as they are inside the M25!)
11-Aug-2003 Simon Porter Very Interesting and informative site.
Well organized blend of text with photographs.
Its been a pleasure to access your web-site.
I'm non flyer but this has given me food for thought. I'd rather spend 2 grand a year on flying
rather than my wife's hobby of DIY, especially as
it's my 'role' to wield the tools!
13-Aug-2003 Murray Adams Nice web site Dave. I am getting back into flying after a 20 year hiatus. Your comments regarding aircraft ownership are encouraging .. I want to own one too!


20-Aug-2003 Dave Tynan Excellent website lots of time and effort spent well done see you soon.( im taking G-EP on Friday to the west country)
27-Aug-2003 Dave Power - Sussex David, what a great website. This is just the kind of thing I've been looking for. I love the inclusion of the pictures particularly those of the airfields you've visited. The pictures of you on final approach to various airfields really fire my desire to embark on a PPL course (I've been threatening to do it for 15 years now).

I'm intriged to know how you pilot guys actually manage to pick out the airfields let alone the runways? How on earth do you manage to spot the grass runways in amongst all the other grass???

Anyway, I've enjoyed my visit here. Please keep updating and please please take some more pictures.
5-Sep-2003 Slimedog Smitty Rotted website Holmes! totally banging! What the shite is a pound, is that like, money?
16-Sep-2003 jaime dant Very nice website.
I found your website while looking for ideas for a new paint job. I like yours a lot.
I also have a 59 172 and love my bird. It is cheap to operate (relatively) handles great etc...
2-Oct-2003 James "Dusty" Rhoades A great web site, found it looking for a weight & bal program.
I too am 1/6 partner in a 1965 Cessna 172 and yes
this lessens the cost a great deal.
I'm in North Little Rock, Arkansas USA. Home feild
is 1M1 on the Memphis sectional. Would love to fly in the UK some day.
12-Oct-2003 Stuart Dall Davey boy, your old instructor here. Glad to see that the Ireland trip is still at the top of the tree! Great website and happy flying. Regards Stu
15-Oct-2003 John What a load of bollocks
15-Oct-2003 Captain D Water Fast ???? thats not fast?
20-Oct-2003 Kirk Come to Canada to do your flight training, It is way cheaper and makes a great vacation.
29-Oct-2003 Steve M What an excellent site.I found the site when looking for Pa28 info.Having just gained my PPL this site has become a valuable learning tool. keep up the good work.
7-Nov-2003 Adam Ward A jolly nice site with some interesting content
20-Nov-2003 Ricky Briggs Well done David,

I enjoyed browsing around. I am learning to fly in Miami (altough I am a Brit - its cheaper!) and really enjoyed you photos and commentary.

Keep up the good work.

Happy landings,
21-Nov-2003 david williams hiya dave aswell...came across ur site wen i was looking up my name on site!!!u rock...i once flew to malia on monarch airlines but thats the extent of my travellin...keep it up lad and butter the toast
25-Nov-2003 Allan Hutchinson This site is realy good for me, because at the presant time, I have just started my NPPL. I find it full of good information.
When I qualify, I would like to do the Ireland trip for my self.
Thanx Dave.
5-Dec-2003 Wannabee Pilot (like everyone else...) Hi,

What a great site. I will oneday do my PPL, and this site only makes me want to go and get started now. Excellent information.

16-Dec-2003 Richard Paradis I already send you a email
25-Dec-2003 Jack Shackelford, Texas USA Really enjoyed your site and learned a good bit. Particularly like your calculators - seems very valuable.

2-Jan-2004 Graham Penson Hi, great site and interesting too!
I am a 727 flight engineer who has recently taken the plunge of learning to fly at Manchester Barton. (Lancs Aero Club). I done 42 hours up to now and have had two aborted goes at my solo cross country. (Due weather en route!) I started on the 150/152 but was talked into moving onto the good old 172 as my instructor is a bit big and anyway its a much nicer beast to fly. I have memories from my childhood of flying in the 172 (G-ARLW) with my uncle and always thought it was a nice looking aeroplane. Talking with club members at Barton, Lima Whiskey is no more but parts of it have been donated to keep another old build Cessna 172 in the air. Its not as old as yours but it is G-AR.. (not sure of reg) era. The two I fly, G-PATI and G-BOIL are quite different to fly. One seems to be more powerful and stays put once it is trimmed while the other, although good fun is a little more of a challenge! Anyway I hope to complete my PPL by Jan 2004 and will be doing some adventurous trips during the year to build hours towards my CPL so I might drop in to your kneck of the woods as I would love to see your machine at close hand. Happy New Year and keep up the good site!
2-Jan-2004 Graham Penson Thought I would add my E mail for info cheers:-
4-Jan-2004 Tom Yturri Awesome site. Your W&B calculator is cool. I own N4203F, a '59 172 and love it too! I reside in Austin, Texas.
17-Jan-2004 Elliot Wood Great Site! Beautiful mix of pictures and story. I'm also a part owner of a C-172M based near Edmonton Alberta, Canada. When it's too cold to fly here in winter, it's nice to have site's like yours to visit and dream about great flights to come.
17-Jan-2004 John Russell This is a great website. I don't normally sign visitor books but because it tells a good story and informs aswell I thought I must. I am considering learning to fly and this site has inspired me to get stuck in!
21-Jan-2004 Stuart Forrest Wouldnt normally bother with a visitors book but been looking for Cessna 182 reports as I have just bought one and found your check flight. Very interesting. Also many other interesting things.
20-Feb-2004 Richard Thomas Thought I'd sign your guestbook after clicking on your address within your email signature... very good and something like I've been meaning to put together for the last six years! Hopefully will meet up at the Quiberon flyin in June.
25-Feb-2004 J Gorman Good interesting site. Also operate out of Redhill, perhaps you could post a link to my site Also used to keep Rats, how uncanny!
26-Feb-2004 Peter David, Excellent site, having just passed my PPL I found you detailed analysis of cost of ownership very helpful.
The weight, balance & take off calculators are great. I wonder if you can tell me what application you wrote them with. I am interested to edit the code for other aircaft.

29-Feb-2004 Christopher Carveth I had the pleasure of flying in Ireland in 1988 while on a contuing legal education trip (I practice law in Milford, Connecticut USA)to Ireland. I've flown with a SEL ppl since 86; my late Father flew in UK with the RCAF during WWII. (400 Squadron) I've been curious as to whether Darby Kennedy, who ran Weston, survives and your interesting page came up on a search. I'll email some pictures if you like - I flew Darby's Aerospatiale Tobago that day, and also flew from Limerick (Rallye) and from another field in a C-172 (need to look that one up in my logbook - was near Tralee). Greetings from the USA - keep em level! Chris
30-Mar-2004 Daniel Knight I took a trial flight recently and may well have been bitten by the flying bug! Your website has been very useful indeed - especially when persuading the wife - my father has a house near Le Touquet and my wife has family in Galway!!!
Have fun!

30-Mar-2004 Richard Moore Good info about le Touquet. You can rent my villa if you wish.
17-Apr-2004 Dan Francis Interesting site, have a look at mine:
22-Apr-2004 Stuart Not a bad site. a pleasure to visit
27-Apr-2004 Daniel Nice. Now that i'm a PPL I was looking for flying cost information for a group share i'm thinking of putting together here in Jersey. Just what i was looking for. Surprising how few websites there are on the subject. Nice job fella. Check out my flying pages on my website for some pics.
27-Apr-2004 John Rushton This is one of the best sites of its kind that I have seen well constructed and a interesting.
25-May-2004 I thought that your article about fly costs was very interesting, especially the calculation of an hour running cost figure. Nice one.
12-Jun-2004 jenni great sight
enjoy your flying
got a new camera!!!!
if you are ever flying over silverstone again!!!
14-Jun-2004 Chris Case spent a few hours looking, thinking about starting to fly myself soon, liked the bit about the flying costs!!!! will have to consider which option to take when i've got PPL but group ownership looks to be about the best...great site
14-Jul-2004 Richie Pearl Great site.
I was looking up Coonagh Airport where I will be going in a couple of weeks as part of a round Ireland trip. I found your site then coundn't drag myself away.
Good luck.
15-Jul-2004 John Ryan Really enjoying your site, very useful and you have taken some of the mystery out of it!


26-Jul-2004 Wolfgang Schweiker Very nice & informational page.
Im owner of a 1961 172C and have no cruise performance data in my POH. I flew Extra, CAPs & Sukhoi but these old birds are a great pleasure to fly.
Thanks for your great work
28-Jul-2004 mugum@@hhh jhiklklkliiiiiiillllllekkkkke
6-Aug-2004 Tony Hopwood Cracking site. Loads of info. A 38 hr PPL student so it shouldnt be too long now before I can do some exploring.

Keep up the good work

14-Aug-2004 Brad Kressin Your site is awesome, Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures, planes, and stories. Your half way around the world and I'd never see what you see from here in Minnesota where I do my flying in a Cessna 172 and Piper Archer II. Nice Site!
2-Sep-2004 David Pulman I stumbled across your site whilst searching out aircraft shares for sale. I was interested to see your mention of dear old G BTIM. I flew her several times and passed my IMC flight test in her! That was when I was flying with Cabair. G-BTIM was always parked outside what was once the Biggin Hill School of Flying where I took my first flying lesson in a Cessna 150 G-BPVC in 1975.

G-BTIM had an identical twin sister. This aircraft parked outside Kingair (now Cabair) G-BRRM. I flew her quite a few times too, sadly I saw on the news a few years ago that it crashed at Rochester during an attempted go around. Fortunately both instructor and student aboard survived the accident, but the aircraft that ended up on top of cars in the car park was written off.

14-Oct-2004 Anthony Begando Great site!
16-Oct-2004 Olan Hanley Very informative site. I am impressed with your weight and balance calculator. Especially the

I live in Metropolis Seattle, Washington, USA and own a 1950 Cessna 170A. (Not near as good looking as your plane.)

In my area a Cessna 172 can be hired for about $100 per hour US. So your numbers are very comparable. All you need to do is convert between the two currencies.
9-Nov-2004 RMD Attn. Christopher Carveth: To the best of my knowledge, Darby Kennedy is still alive. He sold up Weston a couple of years ago and retired with his wife to Spain. I still cherish the memory of doing initial spin training with him in a MS 880B, with the entry at 1,350' AGL over the field. (In those days, I should add, we flew circuits at Weston at 250' AGL--on a Saturday morning there were sometimes seven or eight aircraft bouncing round the field, none of us more than a mile from the runway. Typical circuit took 2-3 minutes max.)
9-Nov-2004 Pete Gibbons Hi David,

Great site! I was interested to read what David Pulman wrote on 2nd Sep this year. I Also have hours logged in both G-BRRM and G-BTIM, probably close to about 20 in each. I also saw india-mike a few years ago at Bodmin which is fairly local to me and it was great to see her again.

I got the bug after a trial lesson at Jersey Aero Club which is an experience for anyone having flown before or not, as the clearance is given as 'special VFR, NOT above 1000 feet'!!! Try doing that on the uk mainland. Although there was one flyout we did from Kingair that involved us crossing Machester airport SVFR below 1000 on the way to Barrow-in-Furness to watch the RAC Rally when it was in the Grizedale forest. Another student flew up with Mark, our instructor in the right hand seat, and I flew back in awful weather and logged 2.4 hours instruments in the real thing. Most tiring thing I have ever done. Also flew to Rotterdam International with 2 other aircraft having only completed 4 hours instruction, so it doubled my hours in a weekend!

I look forward to seeing updates on your site, it is now in the favourites!


2-Dec-2004 graeme kessell Congratulations on a terrific website. Last weekend i flew a glider for the first time at Beverley western australia. your impression of your first flight is uncannily similar to mine. It all came flooding back! No 737 of course, we took off from a wheatfield.
Best regards,
graeme kessell
age 58, commercial pilot license, instructor rating, IFR, 4000hrs Navajo,c402,baron c310 etc,etc.
3-Dec-2004 Robert Barnwell Nice One Dave,

Looking to join a syndicate myself. It's been very helpful reading your site. It gives me inspiration.

24-Dec-2004 Maryland Nice photos Mr. Williams. I am going to share your website with a co-worker who loves flying! He will truely enjoy it! Great work!
31-Dec-2004 David I am a California based pilot. You have a fantastic web site -- I especially enjoyed the photos.

Flying and travel combined with an elegant European life-style -- it does not get much better than that! Looks like your part of the world is a great place to keep instrument currency -- no hood required :-)

cheers, David
6-Feb-2005 liam hi ive only been on your site a few minuits an im fasinated by the pictures.
10-Feb-2005 Mike Were flying with Its realy taking off. I am sure it will never crash land. I flew in a plane once and bent the floor pressing the brakes........ lol - Hey happy hours Mike
15-Feb-2005 Siska Your pictures Touquet air are a pleasure for eyes.Congratulations On siskaho i have only a lot aviation airpltes Congo, but in links Patpo have more.Siskaho from Belgium.
Best greetings.
23-Feb-2005 p zinck Nice site.Always interesting to see what our brit cousins do for fun.If you ever get to maine come fly the supercub or c-185.
26-Mar-2005 jasmin Mohammed hiiiii
how r u
plz i need the email address of blue or mcfly the groups
it is really important
hope u replay fast
thanx a lot
with all love
see ya
30-Mar-2005 Lewis Calcutt I have finally just got around to booking my first lesson at Stapleford and i'm hooked before i've even started! This is a really good site- well done.
14-Apr-2005 rod haigh, , australia very good site .I love the nomograms
2-May-2005 Brendan Broderick I am looking at your sit in Australia. I am currently trying to get my PPL I have been so close and then run out of money I have accunulated 100 hours but this time I am determined to suceed.
I fly at a place called Redcliffe aero club just north of Brisbane. i loved your article about Ireland as I am from Ireland . If yyou need any info about Australia just e mail me
Keep it up its a great site
15-May-2005 Gerry Bolger Excellent website, very impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the technical information is superb. Hope to see you in EGTR some time, as i fly from there.

Safe flying

27-May-2005 Jay Tesauro Hello. Great site. I enjoyed your description of Echo-Papa. I also own a 1959 C-172. I live in New Jersey, USA. My plane, N7153T is s/n 46753 is the last Straight-tail 172 manufactured by Cessna still flying in the world. There was one aircraft s/n 46754 made after mine but was destroyed. My e-mail address is I can share pictures if you are interested. Jay
27-May-2005 miles pritchard Dave,
Just read your website for the first time...a very good idea!! Look forward to meeting up soon, have made a few enquiries for you re flying into Lee-on Solent as one of my managers happens to be on the airfield committee. Let me know when u want to "drop" in and we ll go flying. Cheers
5-Jun-2005 Roger Nice site...really useful...I'm looking to fly over to Le Touquet soon
18-Jul-2005 terry kinder-niven Darby Kennedy---is my uncle,,,,,though I haven,t seen him since I was a pageboy at his wedding in 1936
He did as you say retire to Spain a couple of years ago [but not with his wife ! ! !]
I heard of him through my sister who lives near him ---but also has no contact -----it would certainly be interesting to hear what has happened to him
My mother used to keep in touch with my aunt Joan [hence Darby&Joan],but my mother is now
Nice to hear some mention of him though

19-Jul-2005 Andrew Great site. Though I myself am not a pilot , I simply love the pilots and because of that I visited this website and found it extremely fabulous.
22-Jul-2005 P Carley Nice site David. We meet while I was a Student at Cabair at Redhill, was looking in to buying in to BSEP at the time ... Happy flying.

I have been working on a PPL student site: Feel free to take a look.
29-Jul-2005 Malcolm Jackson Hi Dave. Great site. I've got a motor glider based at Rochester (EGTO). If any student PPLs want some time in the Falke brushing up their nav skills they are very welcome to jump into the spare seat. I don't mind where we fly, so long as we stay legal, and I usually go to Calais Saturday mornings for coffee so if any one wants a cross channel nav ex it is there. email or call 0208 467 6671.
7-Aug-2005 Paul Chantrell Thanks for a really interesting site it's helped me to understand what can been done on a PPL.Im studying for my NPPL at the moment.
30-Aug-2005 Ian Top site, have been glued to it for the last hour or so.. PPL myself out of Lpl.. never ventured further south than Wolverhampton, but now want to go channel hopping, need a twin with current I/R to venture anywhere in Ireland!! WX is always Le Touquet here we come..
3-Sep-2005 Adrian Ball Very impressive personal website, well written, informatove and well photographed. I have just passed PPL skills test, am looking into getting some flying hours under my belt. Your site gives lots of inspiration.
10-Sep-2005 Rahul hi i came across this site and i think its wonderful !!! im only 12 and in future wanting to become an airline pilot.

ive always wanted to know what flying to ireland and le touquet would be like
19-Oct-2005 Jean So this is what it's all about - impressive. Great website.
22-Oct-2005 Marcel Zwakenberg Fantastic Site, I enjoyed visiting it very much, keep up the good work!

I myself am maintaining a website that holds my every aviation experience from first flying lesson through to today.

You can visit my website at, reading the reports might be somewhat hard since my site is in dutch... ;)
29-Oct-2005 The Westmorland Flyer I followed the link from the Flyer Forum. Nice web site David. It was good to meet you at Stoke Golding earlier this month too - enjoyed the chat whilst we were waiting (and waiting!) for lunch to arrive.

See you at another fly-in some time soon!

5-Nov-2005 Andrew Hi from Europa trigear G-MFHI based EGTO - met you in Al's section of the hanger Oct 2005.
7-Nov-2005 Jstflyin
Hi! Very nice website with great pictures! Good job!
Visit me at:

Cheers Jstflyin
16-Jan-2006 Richard Haas We are looking at a Cessna 172 (1959) on the 21st of january 2006 as a 1/3 share. 2 of us are Firemen and the other a bread truck driver. the plane has 2700 TT and 1600 hrs on the engine. $3500 dollars each U.S. and $100.00 per month what due you think ? New paint in 2004 very clean with a new panel mounted GPS. I am a student with about 44 hours. Thanks
16-Jan-2006 Ant Wiese I love seeing what it's like to fly in different parts of the world. Looks like you get some pretty tough weather to deal with. Thanks for your site. I recently purchased a Musketeer ( and am looking forward to building up my hours in it.
17-Jan-2006 Gérard Binnendijk Dear David
I was looking around for some Info regarding T/O and Landing distance for the C172 (not regarding my own POD) and came across your very impressive website.
I've been looking at your data (T/O and landing) and can only confirm.
I'm flying the C172F (the former owner was Mr. Sikorsky) and she is N-registered.
Also still using the original 0-300D engine. Top overhauled. Millenium Cylinders and everything else, including complete new electronics.
I bought the A/C a couple of years ago and have "redone" her (about 2 years of work)- better than new. She is a great bird.
Wish you fair winds,happy landings and safe trails.
Maybe it is of interest to you:
Cessna Pilot Association (CPA)
I am member of the CPA. While I was restoring my 172F they were of great help with info and advise.

Kind regards
11-Mar-2006 Shvanger Hallo!
Also, ich bin echt froh, dass ich diese Seite gefunden habe. Da ich schon seit 6 Jahren stolze MS-BEsitzerin bin, weiß ich zwar schon eine ganze Menge (mehr über Erfahrungen als über Bücher gelernt...)
14-Apr-2006 Paul Edwards Great site, David. Spent ages going through your exploits. A really interesting read and it looks like you have / are enjoying your PPL too.

Just makes me want to hurry up and get my licence and get around a bit. May see you on a fly in sometime soon? Excellent pics btw.
27-Apr-2006 Derek Webb Excellent site with very good photos would like a the chance to do some of the flights in the near future.
27-Apr-2006 Robert van Vaals Great website! Reconstructed some of your flights in X-Plane 8!
25-May-2006 Lee Nice website!!!
Great just about to embark in a group flying a cessna 172 from biggin hill so found this website a great read!!!
Tally Ho
Happy landings
kind regards
27-May-2006 James Nice pictures and good website.
29-May-2006 Simon Blacker Excellent log david - I'm extremely impressed !! - be a good idea to get rid of the horrible internet link entrys that have appeared recently

It's a constant battle! - DW
3-Jun-2006 MartinHills Great Web site - thank you taking the time to do it - I'm currently training for my PPl and found your site really interesting - Thank you for the Excel spread sheet - Pilot log
1-Jul-2006 Steve Thompson What very interesting and informative site,I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing it,and having flown as a passenger a few times recently, I can't wait for my "round Cornwall " trip that I'm planning with a PPL friend in a PA28 in mid August
2-Jul-2006 Peter Male David - I am half way through my PPL out of Cranfield). I have very much enjoyed reading your site - it has been quite helpful to me in a number of ways. Please keep it up (well, at least until I qualify!!!!!)
7-Jul-2006 kt i h8 ur site! its 4 gay lords
2-Aug-2006 Alan Excellent site! I'm planning to make a similar trip from Dublin to RedHill.

17-Aug-2006 Noelle Simmonds I am sorry to disturb you. I notice that a gentleman called Ricky Briggs made a comment about your website back in 2003. I think it may be my father is there any chance you could give him my email address or give me his I have been searching for him for the past 20 years. Please -
4-Oct-2006 J.C. Weiwers Great stuff about the Robin HR100
I own the same plane and would not trade for any other 4 seater fixed gear.
Would be nice if you could add some pics of the plane.
30-Oct-2006 Genry Brozas Hello!
Cool site!
1-Nov-2006 Dave Andrews I'm a Scotsman currently living in California, please add my site to your linkd (it's in the early stages and all feedback is greatly appreciated)

Nice site by the way

Kind Regards,

Dave Andrews
30-Nov-2006 Carl Hackman Nice site David. If you want me to add a link on our blogs page on then drop me a line from the site
7-Dec-2006 Keith Byrne Hi, Really great site. I fly out of Weston in Ireland so really enjoyed reading about your trip over to Ireland.
28-Jan-2007 Dan Parry Really like the site and especially enjoyed the flying trip reports. I did my first solo at Weston and it was great to see pictures of it again now I live in the UK. My first flight there with an instructor there were cows on the runway (but no peacocks), a go around shifted them quite well!!

Happy landings

29-Jan-2007 Dave (DOD) Currently doing my PPL at redhill (harvard).
Was strange seeing a the G number on a filing cabinet the other day then on the web a few days later !.
Nice reading about Le Touquet
16-Feb-2007 Justin Thomas. PPL learner at Henlow! Great site. Have been to Le Touquet (friend pilot) to play golf quite a few times since the mid 90's. Your description of the trip (out of Fowlmere) is excellent. Regards
27-Feb-2007 Richard Benham Very good insight to real flying, as a keen pc sim flyer, I just looked at this site, when lokking what to do in Redhill while my car gets seviced. Wish I was a bit younger and I would love to have a go myself (47) bit to old me thinks

Too old? Nonsense! There are people in their eighties who fly. Have a go - you won't regret it. - DW
8-Mar-2007 Ian Loving the site and the trip reports - more of them please! Just started out on the road towards my PPL from Coventry - 5 hours so far!! Way to go yet but hopefully will be making that trip to Le Touquet one day!
11-Mar-2007 Byron Smith - HASOI (Ireland) As someone who runs an aviation site myself in Ireland, great job, I really love your site and what you have done. I always love checking up on what you are upto every now and again. I fly from Weston, it has changed a bit (it is now bigger than many regional airports), so please come back sometime!

If you need any help, advise, or anything else, have a look round

Best Wishes,
25-Mar-2007 An admirer I saw you at Headcorn once, I just want to say I think your fantastic and would love to fly with you. You are so interesting.
8-Apr-2007 Carol de Solla Atkin Inspirational. Thank you. C.
19-Apr-2007 John Rowles I flew from Blackbushe to Popham once.
1-May-2007 Kaio David, thanks for this magnificent site. inspirational, and truly a labour of love.

have just begun training for my ppl (~5 hours) at Panshanger and look forward to exploring the country soon.

A suggestion: since so many other experienced pilots visit your site (as evidenced by the visitors book) why don't you invite stories of flying trips from them too (storage and bandwidth permitting)? that would make the site even richer than it is.

Thanks again,
16-May-2007 Ian Very nice and very interesting site. Everything I ever wanted to know about, well - everything really :)

Just starting my PPL training. You guys should venture up here to Scotland. You'll see some real spetacular scenery here.
18-May-2007 John McQuaid Great site!! I'm 3/4 way through my PPL after 14 years of skydiving both in Ireland and England. I remember doing a skydive into Coonagh airfield about 17 years ago, I climbed out of a c-172 (the door still on)and jumped, when I deployed and sorted myself out I could not find the airfield (only us Irish would paint a hanger roof green!)and landed nearby at the edge of a busy dual carriageway!!! somewhat illeagal but it adds to the fun!!
I always thought club aircraft hire was cheaper, perhaps a part share is a good idea.
All the best,
John McQuaid (
10-Jun-2007 Richard Thank you for the useful information on the costs of ownership. I have been flying for about 6 years and now do about 30 hours a year. I am thinking of a small group or perhaps ownership myself as I move to retirement and will want to fly more while being able to afford less.
Your analysis is very helpful. Is it up to date?

Message to Richard Benham - I got my PPL at age 51 and am looking forward to flying in retirement.
14-Jun-2007 Tom Hansen Hello! I was just surfing the net for MS Excel logbook examples and I came across yours.

18-Jun-2007 Graham Applin I have a Robin HR 100/200 Royale based at Fairoaks, found the info on site very useful and didnt know that about inboard left tank filling with returned fuel, solved a mystery, not in my POH...Thanks
17-Jul-2007 Joe Ward Excellent website
7-Aug-2007 Paul JB Great site! Having solo'd out of Weston in Ireland and flown many hours there I wouldn't call it a "modest little airfield". It is the busiest (by movement count) in Ireland, and possibly in the top five of airports most EI- and G- fly out of. In recent times it hosted most of the jets/helos the worlds top golfers/guests used to the Americas cup nearby in the K club.

International hops, even in 2 seaters, is a great way to grow experience as a new PPL. Redhill I remember for getting checked out to rent using the taxi-way as runway when the grass was U/S. Does it still have a bend in the middle :-)?

I'm told that Weston has grown beyond recognition since I was there. I suspect you're right that it's not a "modest little airfield" any more! And yep, Redhill's taxiway is still bent.
12-Aug-2007 Brian Norman Just coming to the end of my PPL (hopefully) and I am flying G-BTIM so I was interested to read your comments. G-BTIM is a pleasure to fly and tolerates all my mistakes gracefully.