Airfields I've Visited

Date of
first visit
Redhill EGKR 15th May 2000 26L/08R (grass)
26R/08L (grass)
19/01 (grass)
My home airfield. Did most of my training here.
Rochester EGTO 15th May 2000 02L/20R (grass)
02R/20L (grass)
16/34 (grass)
A friendly airfield which has been under threat of closure from its local council (Medway).
Biggin Hill EGKB 29th May 2000 03/21 (hard)
11/29 (hard)
Often used by Cabair as an alternative training base during Winter, because Redhill is usually too boggy!
Manston EGMH 27th January 2001 10/28 (hard) Used to be a military airfield until a few years ago. Has a long, wide runway. I eventually revisited this airfield during my cross-country qualifier.
Shoreham EGKA 10th April 2001 03/21 (hard)
03/21 (grass - u/l)
07/25 (grass)
13/31 (grass)
On the south coast near Brighton. I revisited this airfield on my cross-country qualifier.
Waterford EIWF 13th July 2001 03/21 (hard) A regional airport in the south-east of Ireland. Visited as part of the Ireland trip.
Coonagh EICN 13th July 2001 26/08 (hard) A small airfield near Limerick with a short, narrow runway. Visited as part of the Ireland trip.
Weston EIWT 15th July 2001 03/21 (hard) A busy airfield on the outskirts of Dublin. Visited as part of the Ireland trip.
Elstree EGTR 18th August 2001 26/08 (hard) Cabair's headquarters.
Le Touquet LFAT 15th September 2001 14/32 (hard)
06/24 (hard)
The standard cross-channel destination. Click here for an account of a trip to Le Touquet.
Lydd EGMD 3rd March 2002 04/22 (hard)
14/32 (hard - u/l)
On the south-east coast near Dungeness nuclear power station. Slightly hard to spot.
Fairoaks EGTF 16th March 2002 06/24 (hard) Near Woking, and just inside the southern boundary of the Heathrow control zone.
Southend EGMC 29th March 2002 06/24 (hard)  
Norwich EGSH 20th April 2002 09/27 (hard)
04/22 (hard)
Bembridge EGHJ 1st June 2002 12/30 (hard) Friendly airfield on the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight.
Compton Abbas EGHA 29th June 2002 08/26 (grass) Lovely airfield in Dorset. On top of a hill, with wonderful views. Very good restaurant!
Sandown EGHN 20th July 2002 05/23 (grass) Grass airfield on the Isle of Wight, very near Bembridge.
Wycombe Air Park (Booker) EGTB 15th August 2002 07/25 (hard)
17/35 (grass)
The airfield very near where I grew up.
Leicester EGBG 17th August 2002 10/28 (hard)
15/33 (hard)
04/22 (hard)
16/34 (grass)
06/24 (grass)
More runways than you can shake a stick at!
Lashenden (Headcorn) EGKH 27th August 2002 11/29 (grass) Airfield in the middle of Kent.
Earls Colne EGSR 21st September 2002 06/24 (grass)  
Goodwood EGHR 25th September 2002 14/32 (grass)
06/24 (grass)
10/28 (grass)
Restaurant does excellent cakes!
Popham EGHP 28th October 2002 08/26 (grass)
03/21 (grass)
Friendly people; scary approach!
Stapleford EGSQ 28th October 2002 04/22 (grass/hard)
10/28 (grass)
My tea was served in a pink mug with the word "sex" on it. Is this an Essex custom?
Clacton EGSG 31st May 2003 18/36 (grass) Fairly short strip, close to the sea.
Thurrock (none) 14th June 2003 07/25 (grass) A pleasant private strip.
Husbands Bosworth (none) 14th June 2003 10/28 (grass) Glider site about 10 miles south of Leicester.