Aviation links

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
The CAA is the UK authority that regulates all aircraft and aircrew flying under a UK registration or UK-issued licence.

UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)
This site contains the full investigation reports for all accident reports submitted to the AAIB. These range from the very trivial, such as prop-strikes and broken nosewheels, to the very serious. Every pilot should read this site regularly - it gives you the chance to learn from the mistakes of others before it happens to yourself.

Met. Office - aviation page
This is the Met Office's page for pilots. Here you can get all the latest TAF's, METAR's, F214's, F215's, etc. For some reason, they do want you to register and supply a user-name and password, but it is free of charge.

This is an aviation briefing and weather site. I use it mainly for getting weather information.

National Air Traffic Services (NATS)
The infamous AIS website. This site allows you to check NOTAM's. The site used to allow you to view the NOTAM's for just a particular FIR, and also filter them for "today" or "tomorrow", but controversially this was replaced with a system that's much more complex and unreliable.

Redhill aerodrome
Redhill is my "home" aerodrome. It's a grass airfield with two runways: 26/08(L&R) and 19/01. It is situated underneath the Gatwick CTA and partially inside the CTR, and for this reason it has unusually precise joining procedures which are detailed on the home page.

"Higher Flyer"
This site contains useful reports written by pilots describing the airfields they've visited. A good site - pity it's not updated a bit more frequently.

"See How It Flies"
Despite the slightly twee title, this page is a fascinating online book about all aspects of aviation, covering aerodynamics, piloting techniques, flight planning and meteorology.

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General links

Here's a list of links to pages that are of interest to me...

The SETI@home Project
This is a project that uses millions of people's PCs around the world to process data from the Arecibo telescope. For my SETI stats, click here.

The Dilbert Zone
One of the few pages I bother to visit every day. Scott Adams is truly a genius.

The National Fancy Rat Society
For anyone who doesn't know me, I have three pet rats.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers' Association
Essentially, there are two organisations you can approach if you want to become an advanced driver in the UK: the IAM or RoSPA. Although RoSPA is a much smaller organisation than the IAM, it has the advantage that you get graded as "bronze", "silver" or "gold" rather than a simple pass or fail - I'm silver.

Private Eye
I've been a Private Eye reader for as long as I can remember. Superb satire.

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)
It would be fair to say that I'm not the stereotypical CAMRA member. I don't weigh 20 stone. I don't have a beard. I don't wear sandals. But I do go to CAMRA's beer festivals.

This is the website of my sister's driving school, L-drive, based in the Liphook area of Hampshire.

Your Site Here
My sister's partner Alan runs "Your Site Here", a company that provides various internet services including web design/hosting and domain name registration. This site is hosted by "Your Site Here".