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Cessna 182 checkout

This section features miniature accounts of some of the flights I do. You can use the following links to jump to other reports:

Cessna 182 checkout in G-MISH

11th and 12th January 2003

Recently, Mark Joslin - a friend of mine who used to own G-BTIM - has bought himself G-MISH, a beautiful Cessna 182. This aircraft is a bit like a 172 on steroids - it has a much more powerful engine, and is also fitted with a constant-speed propeller. In order to be able to fly it, the law required me to take "differences training" with an instructor because I'd never flown a "wobbly prop" before.

With Redhill's runways being too soft for circuits, Stu and I decided to go over to Stapleford and do some touch-and-goes there rather than pay Lydd's rather steep landing fees. On the way, we climbed above a thin layer of stratocumulus and did some stalls and steep turns, then did a PFL over Old Hay airfield on our way up to Stapleford.

Cessna 182 G-MISH, taxying at Redhill

G-MISH has an interesting history on the air-racing circuit. You can find some more pictures of her (and many pictures taken from her cockpit), together with details of the previous owner's racing achievements at the website of the Royal Aero Club - Records Racing and Rally Association.

Actually, I found G-MISH fairly easy to fly. It barrels along a bit faster than a 172 (about 120-130 knots instead of 100 knots) and is heavier in the flare when landing. It also tends to sink like a stone if you close the throttle too early during the flare - it works better if you close the throttle gradually during a longer and more 'progressive' flare, rather than closing the throttle completely as you begin the flare. She also needs bootfuls of rudder to control the propeller slipstream during take-off - but that's not surprising with 230 horsepower under the cowling.

Cessna 182 G-MISH, taxying at Redhill

So I'm now in the very fortunate position of having access to two different aircraft. It's still much cheaper to fly G-BSEP, especially if I'm just flying around for fun, and I'll continue to fly her most of the time. But if I want to do a longer trip, perhaps with a full load of passengers and fuel, then G-MISH is a more quiet, refined aircraft that's capable of going places quickly.

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