Picture Gallery

This page contains an assortment of flying pictures, some taken by myself and others taken by passengers who have flown with me. You can use the following links to jump to particular sections:

Elstree airfield

Final approach into Elstree

Left: Final approach into Elstree. The runway is just to the left of the lake and the trees. This picture shows why it's a good idea to clean the flies off the windscreen if you're planning to take pictures! (Picture by Andy Coyte)

Landing at Elstree

Landing at Elstree. (Picture by Andy Coyte)

Taking off from Elstree

Left: Looking back underneath the starboard wing as we took off from Elstree. (Picture by Andy Coyte)

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Views of the Sussex coast

Below: Passing south of Shoreham airport at about 2500 feet. The main tarmac runway 03/21 is clearly visible to the left in the picture, and it's also possible to see the grass runways and taxiways. Behind the airfield you can see the estuary of the river Adur...

Shoreham airfield

Below: Shoreham harbour...

Shoreham harbour

Below: The famous Brighton Pier...

Brighton pier

Below: Brighton marina is one of the VRP's when approaching Shoreham airport from the east...

Brighton marina

Below: A view of Eastbourne, seen from near Beachy Head...

View of Eastbourne
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Fairford RIAT 2004

Here's a selection of pictures taken at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford in July 2004.

Below: Saturday started off damp and humid, as the prop contrails from this Italian Air Force Alenia C-222 demonstrate...

Italian Air Force Alenia C-222, with prop contrails
Patrouille Suisse

Display teams from three different air forces were present, including Patrouille Suisse, (right)...

Patrouille de France

... and Patrouille de France, (left)...

Red Arrows

... and of course the Red Arrows (right).

Naturally, the Eurofighter Typhoon was there, though its display was disappointingly short. In the picture below, you can see it deploying its drag chute on landing. There was a reasonably strong crosswind on Saturday morning, and I wondered if the drag chute creates any risk of groundlooping the aircraft. Presumably there's a crosswind limit for deploying the drag chute?

Eurofighter Typhoon