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Redhill taxiway checkout

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Redhill taxiway checkout

24th November 2002

Whenever we get a few days of heavy or continuous rain, Redhill aerodrome normally turns into a mudbath and the runways have to close. However, there is a short section of taxiway that's just about straight enouth to be used for landing and taking off. The airfield regulations require pilots to have 100 hours' experience in order to use the taxiway, but it's also wise to try it with an instructor first. That was the purpose of today's flight with Tony Bachelor, a part-time instructor with Cabair.

It was also my first chance to put G-BSEP to the test at short landings. Before the flight, Tony and I studied the handbook which suggested an approach speed of only 51 mph at a weight of 1600 pounds. This seemed too brave for us, so we decided that 60 mph was probably sensible.

A view of Redhill's taxiways

The picture to the right (taken on a different occasion) shows what Redhill's taxiways look like. They're quite narrow, so some accurate flying is called for when using them for landing.

We went out and did three westerly "circuits". Actually circuits are not permitted from the taxiway, so each time we tracked round the west and north of Reigate to the M25/M23 junction, to rejoin on right base for the taxiway. It was great fun despite the rain showers, and Echo-Papa proved that the 40 degree flaps make her a very capable short-field aircraft.

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